Niko Kovac The Trainer

This is not what this blog is all about, but sometimes it is important to take a break and think about new logics and new Ideas.

Niko is the former Trainer of Bayern Munich and is to me an idol. He won with Frankfurt the DFB Pokal in a breathtaking final. Nobody expected to win this. Unless him self I believe. In the year before he was it that formed the Eintracht Frankfurt to the Club it is today. It actually was almost in the final of the UEFA Cup and they have the best fans in the World. That being said there is a lot of outrage about how Nico was treated from FCB.

Recently Niko Kovac mentioned the strong character of the Fans which pushed them to success against Bayern Munich, and he said they are the best Fans in the Bundesliga. It is a od thing to say a day before the game against Eintracht but he did anyway. There was a lot of critics who argued against him and were absolutely right about to say so, since he lost this game 4:0. Which was one of the highest lossest in the Bundesliga History of Bayern Munich.

Today Niko is looking for a new Job, not officially but he was brought up as a new trainer of Hertha and there is now doubt he would do that well.

Niko Is also working on Investments, as probably any rich guy would do. This is a thing he talks about very openly, also in sum interviews i read. Non the less he is not saying if he chooses to stay club trainer or not. But one thing is for sure he is great trainer but maybe just not the right one for a club like Bayern Munich which sometimes comes across very arrogant. One thing though he is right about the Eintracht Fans are great and the Allianz Arena ist not so great to be honest.

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